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Our story began like many others.  A quiet restlessness.  A lingering unease.  A feeling that we were meant to do something much bigger with our lives, we just weren't sure what.  All we knew was that the satisfaction of a high paying corporate job was not fulfilling what we knew to be our true destiny.  After many grueling life lessons, late night deep conversations, a few journeys with plant medicine, and much internal soul searching later, the spark of Soulstice was born.  


We started this company as a means to ignite change through the spread of consciousness to the masses.  At the core of our brand is one simple goal, to help save our planet.  We live in a very interesting time, where the power to facilitate global change is now more easily accessible than ever before.  It's also never been more important.  


Through our Buy One Save an Acre™ program, we donate enough to preserve up to an entire acre of endangered rainforest for every item we sell.  We've set a lofty but achievable goal of preserving 1,000,000 acres by 2023.  In order to this, we need your help.  Subscribe to our list, spread the word, and join us on our mission to help save the world, one acre at a time.


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